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Manhattan Eletronic® atuando há 25 anos, com vendas, projetos, manutenções e instalações de sistemas de proteções contra descargas atmosféricas, até então só podia fazer uso dos componentes tradicionais. Como se sabe, para se obter a qualidade da instalação, exigida em norma técnica, o fio-terra deve estar ligado a várias hastes de cobre cravadas ao solo.

Nas instalações de pára-raios, o procedimento é mais complexo. Além das hastes de cobre, devem ser colocados longos cabos de descida em torno da edificação, interligando os captores aos aterramentos, uma operação dispendiosa, demorada, arriscada e anti-estética. 

Não satisfeita com este quadro, A Manhattan Eletronic® intensificou seus esforços em projetos e pesquisas. O resultado desse trabalho, foi o lançamento dos conectores de aterramento e pára-raios, desenvolvidos dentro das normas da ABNT.

A partir de agora, fica prático, fácil e barato proteger vidas, equipamentos e patrimônio contra descargas atmosféricas. 


Work in the Early Years

Those who work in the early years sector come from different backgrounds, do different jobs, and range from those who are fully qualified with a degree in early years care, or with NVQ level 3 or equivalent such as the Alliance?s CPP and DPP to those with no qualifications at all.

A report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee entitled Early Years:

"Progress in Developing High Quality Childcare and Early Education Accessible to All, highlights the view that there is a lack of appropriately trained staff in the pre school sector."

Appropriately qualified staff must be a priority if the sustainability of expansion in early years is not to be undermined.

Basic Principles in Early Years Training

In Britain the major discourses of Early Years Education are largely concerned with the views of developmental psychology which concentrates on the immediacy of experience and a child centered learning environment. The Government commissioned Buy Kamagra Online a number of studies into early years provision to gain evidence of effective practice in the early years sector. Effective practice is characterised by an ability to apply knowledge of a child's learning with curriculum knowledge to the planning and evaluation of a child's progress across a number of areas. Much of the practice in the early years sector has generally been to follow the interests of the child.

In order to be effective, education needs an effective and workable curriculum with practitioners who are capable of implementing its requirements. It should Cheap Kamagra Fast build on what children know and on what they can already do. Most especially it should bolster their confidence by enabling them to develop their existing skills. The curriculum should not be thought of in terms of work, as opposed to play because young children do not make such a distinction and neither should practitioners. The first and most important element of training for work in the early years sector is therefore to learn how and why children play, and to understand that for the young play Methenolone Oral is work. It is therefore important Buy Viagra Uk to recognise the contribution that parents make to their children's education.

Practitioners need to be aware that education begins in the home and thus parental involvement, particularly in the early years should be encouraged. One of the Government's aims has been to work with both parents and children through initiatives such as Early Excellence Centres, to support children's development and to ensure their continuing success when they start primary school. Parents can make a useful contribution to a practioner's knowledge of a child and their preferences, they are the people who most often watch their children play, and as has already been mentioned play is a crucial aspect in a child's development and thus an important element in the training of those who work in childcare.

Pedagogues are teachers, pedagogy, however, is a much wider term and relates to the process of interaction between teacher and learner and home and community.

Children develop very quickly during the early years. They change rapidly intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially and they need provision that helps them to overcome any disadvantage Nandrolone For Sale Uk and which extends their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence.

It should build on what they already know and on what they can do for some considerable time educationalists have been convinced of the fact that children learn through play. Thus there has evolved what has become known as a pedagogy of play?.

One of the fundamental principles in early childhood pedagogy is the importance of play to children's learning and development. The commitment to a play based curriculum can be traced through theory and ideology into Tadalafil Supplier early childhood programmes in many different countries.

Getting Started Courses which are run by Pre School Learning Alliance introduce parents and would be practitioners to how and why children play. These courses demonstrate how children learn through play and how they develop skills that will help with talking, listening, reading and writing. It is therefore vital that early years practitioners learn and recognise the importance of play to the early learning process. Play is a natural activity for children and teachers are needed in a supervisory and organisational capacity. A study of reception children found that developing an environment where good quality play learning could take place can be a considerable challenge. This is particularly the case in the current climate where requirements such as making ready for an Ofsted inspection, and the necessity to be accountable for achievement and performance, can make teachers, and practitioners lives quite complicated.

Many educationalists regard the early practitioner as an influential role model for a child.

Whereby the practitioner, in demonstrating appropriate behaviour, values and language brings about a positive approach to learning, or positive learning disposition. The practitioner, during training, Buy Kamagra Paypal may be involved in dramatic role play where they need to demonstrate that they do not use language or behaviour that demoralises children and frustrates their learning experience. Within the Buy Viagra At Boots learning environment the practitioner may also act as a role model and in expressing their own enthusiasm for learning may encourage the learning of the children. The idea behind all this is to increase children's motivation to learn thus improving the learning disposition.

Quality in early years provision is a necessary but debated area, what defines quality?

One of the most import factors that contribute to quality in early years provision, is properly trained professionals. Again, what constitutes proper training is an arguable concept but the elements that are critical in training those who wish to work in the early years sector, that is practitioners need training in child centred learning.

All of a child's relationships and interactions influence his/her development and that playing with others is especially important.

It certainly seems clear that it is essential that early years training should be developmental and centred on how a child learns. Stepping stones to becoming a fully trained and professional practitioner seem to me to be an effective method of training. This is a method that ensures the vital elements of play, role modelling, and inclusive practice are embedded in early years training.

  • Fonte: Banco de Dados


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